San Francisco Court System Closing Some Courtrooms

San Francisco Court System Closing Some Courtrooms

Just yesterday, the San Francisco Superior Court shared the news that more than 40% of its staff is about to be laid off.  That means that about 25 courtrooms will be shutting down and more than 200 employees moving out because of the budget, or lack thereof.

While this shutdown may only be temporary, many of the people that will be laid off are probably wondering whether they will have to move or stay in the area.  Apparently, the shutdown is needed because the area is suffering an almost $14 million budget deficit, which was caused by the state’s budget cuts.  How will this affect people living in the San Francisco area?

First of all, if you decide to pay your traffic ticket in person, it could mean really long lines.  If you need a divorce, get ready to wait up to 18 months. Going to trial? Give it five years!  This information might end up hurting the economy even more – who would want to relocate to San Francisco knowing all of this?

The hesitancy to move to San Francisco may be even greater among people who work in the court system in other areas.  There may be court system employees from elsewhere in the country who have to move to San Francisco.  This is because the chances of the San Francisco court system hiring any new employees seems pretty bleak.

It isn’t just San Francisco that’s suffering in this way – they just happen to be the most dramatic.  California’s Judicial Council is considering cutting the funding for other local courts by almost 9%, translating to $305 million.  So, if you work in the judicial system and were thinking of moving to California, you may want to seriously examine the situation before you do – especially if you already have a secure job.

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