Saunas are a Hot Home Trend

Saunas are a Hot Home Trend

Bet you didn’t know that saunas are one of the hottest trends in home accessories these days!  Anyone thinking of moving into a snazzy, upscale home will probably notice a sauna in the basement, master bathroom, or even outside in the storage shed!  In recent years, saunas have grown hugely in popularity.

So, why are saunas such a hot trend?  The trend has actually moved to the United States from Finland where they’ve been at the core of culture and society for centuries.  The little dry or steam rooms provide a relaxing, sweaty respite from the day’s stresses.  And many Americans are emptying out their basements, cleaning out storage closets, and partitioning off sections of their backyards for the installation.

Saunas may also be growing in their appeal because they are actually practical.  Unlike other spa-like amenities, saunas are fairly easy to install and can even move with you to your new home in some cases.  In fact, there isn’t even a need to reroute water lines or plumbing.

A sauna can be quite easy and affordable to install, but you may want to hire a professional to do so.  Saunas typically start at $3,000 but may increase depending on the make and model.  If you don’t have the space in your current home and are moving, you may be able to find a house with a sauna already in place!

Jon Huser