Say Good-Bye to Drafty Fireplaces

Say Good-Bye to Drafty Fireplaces

Today, it’s all about technology and the same goes for fireplaces. Today’s fireplaces are energy efficient and way more advanced than your grandparents could ever imagine! So, as we move into the cooler months, you might want to think about a fireplace upgrade instead of using your hearth as a storage unit for decorative flower baskets.

Just imagine reaching for the remote control instead of the matches to warm your home with the fireplace. With so many homes losing heat (and cool air in the summer) through inefficient fireplaces, quite a few homeowners are moving into modern times. Picture flat ceramic stones, remote control thermostats, and swiveling fireplaces!

These new fireplaces really warm the house up and most of them are gas-powered. With energy bills so high over the past couple of years, these new energy-efficient fireplaces are well worth the investment, even though they may be gas-powered. So, what are the options?

Many homeowners are installing fireplaces into homes that don’t have them to begin with. This can be a pricy project, but if you’re planning on staying in the house for a few more years, why not? Other homeowners are inserting upgraded fireplaces into existing openings. There are also standalone units that can be positioned in the middle of almost any room.

Remember, if you are trying to sell your home and you know your fireplace is inefficient, you might want to upgrade. It will add a value to your home and increase its appeal – and might be your ticket to moving out even faster.

Lance Grooms