Seattle’s Columbia City Revitalized

Seattle’s Columbia City Revitalized

Ever considered moving to Seattle?Do you know anything about Columbia City, Seattle?  If you’re planning on moving to the Seattle neighborhood, you probably already have an idea that it is filled with trendy eateries, hip bars, and plenty of cool shops.  It is pedestrian-friendly and has a farmer’s market.  But did you know that this cute little mecca was once a sketchy almost scary location?

A long time before many of the trendy hipsters relocated to Columbia City, it was quite rundown with its fair share of crime.  In the last 10 years the area has moved from being a place people were moving away from to a location people actually wanted to be.  As with many other neighborhoods undergoing revitalization, it all started with artists moving into the neighborhood.

With the artists came young families that began restoring the classic Craftsman homes off of Rainier Avenue in the late 1980s.  In the 1990s, La Medusa, a Sicilian soul-food restaurant, began getting a lot of attention.  That brought even more visitors and business.  By that time, real estate was booming and people were moving in.

Now, instead of dilapidated houses and buildings, we see fresh new condos and townhouses.  Gone are the empty, overgrown lots and here are the fresh green markets, young families, and plenty of vibrancy.  The community is diverse and dynamic – the perfect place for up-and-coming artists and other young professionals to move and settle in.

Katie Steil