Setting the Date for the Office Move

Setting the Date for the Office Move

Prepare your office for your move date.Moving your entire office can be a real challenge.  Whether you are moving the company down the street or across town, plenty of planning and preparation is required to make the move as easy as possible.  One of the most important decisions to make is the date for the office move.

Setting the date for the office move will depend on many factors.  You may want to consider your office hours.  Do you work seven days a week?  If not, you may want to schedule the office relocation for a weekend so that you don’t cut into business production.  Or, you could hire movers to do the job after hours during the week.

Once you have actually decided on the date for the office move, you will need to discuss it with a few different people.  We’ve made a checklist of the key people to keep in mind before you relocate your business:

  • Let your contractors know when your office move is.  Your new offices should be completed before you move in.
  • The telephone company should know about your office move in advance.  Let them know the date you need the lines to be transferred to the new location so that business production is not halted.
  • Your design firm should be aware of the office move in date.  The furniture layout and location of files should be planned ahead of time and prepared for the movers.
  • If you have hired systems furniture installers, they will need to know your office move in date as well.  Otherwise, your cubicles, office equipment, and other office furniture may not be properly reassembled and reinstalled.
  • The moving company should definitely know when your office move is!

A trained moving consultant will be able to help you with the process from start to finish.  Some items you might consider to be small could go unnoticed and cost you big time.   Exclusive use of elevators, parking lots and loading docks could be a major factor overlooked and directly correlate to the cost and ontime completion of the move for the expected cost.  Some things are best left to a trained professional.

Lance Grooms