Settling in Australia

Settling in Australia

Making the decision to move to Australia is a giant leap in life.  It doesn’t matter if you have decided to relocate for work, school, or personal preference.  But, a lot of work will go into moving from the U.S. to Australia.

So, you’ve made all the arrangements to get there, but what do you do once you arrive? Settling in Australia after moving from another country will take some time.  There are many things you’ll need to do in order to adjust.  Adjusting to the new community, culture, and society and becoming an independent member of that society is an important step.

Some people settle into life in Australia quite quickly – perhaps within six to 12 months of moving.  For others, it can take a lot longer.  It really depends on you.  Obviously, before you arrive Down Under, you should already have arranged for a place to live, school for the kids, and so on.  But there are some things you need to do once you get there. Take note:

Apply for a TFN – Tax File Number.  Do this first since you’ll need it to receive your income in Australia.

  • Open a bank account.  If you didn’t open a bank account before you moved, now is the time.  Most salaries are paid directly into the bank account.
  • Register with Medicare.  Australia provides healthcare to its residents through Medicare – a government option for everyone’s basic medical needs.
  • Apply for a driver’s license.  Your U.S. license will be all right for a temporary period, but you will need to get an Australia license eventually.
  • Register with Centrelink.  Centrelink provides a range of services to the community and you may find it beneficial.

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