Shipping your car over driving it

Shipping your car over driving it

Moving can require you to sell your car, drive it to the new location, or have it shipped.  You will need to decide what is best for you.  If you are already shipping your home possessions, you might also consider shipping your vehicle.  In this way you can get all of your goods on the road while you finish up last minute details and arrive on a flight before your goods do.

Relocation is not an easy concept, especially if you are leaving behind all your friends and family for an entirely new state.  Here are a few things about shipping your car that you might wish to know before you decide to move it to your new home this way.

Car haulers make money per car, but it is also dependent on their entire load.  A car hauler has to account for the fuel it uses.  This means the hauler cannot take one vehicle from across the US.  It needs to have a full load to make certain there is profit after fuel and other expenses are discounted.

The destination will account for the price, as will the type of automobile and service you purchase, such as door to door.  Enclosed car transport is usually more than open-air transportation.  Personal goods are not a good idea when shipping a car.  It may seem easier to put some of your items in your vehicle, but it could mean your car is broken into while the transporter is sleeping for the night.

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