Shipping Your Car?

Shipping Your Car?

Cars prepared for shippingAre you about to embark on a long distance move?  Are you flying out to your new home rather than driving?  Perhaps your family has more than one automobile.  If any of these describe your upcoming relocation, you may need to consider shipping your car.  So, what does that mean and how do you accomplish this?

The way in which a car is shipped really depends on where you are moving.  If you are relocating internationally, you may not be able to ship your car due to international regulations and varying highway safety standards.  So, in that case you may want to consider storage if your relocation is temporary or even selling the car if you plan to move permanently.

Cost is often the main concern when it comes to shipping a car due to relocation.  Cars may be moved by shipping them in containers or sealed trucks, on open tractor-trailer automobile rigs, or even by the moving company itself.  Here are some tips and guidelines to remember when relocating and thinking about shipping your car:

  • Make sure your car is fully insured.
  • Book a freight company that will guarantee the delivery schedule.
  • Never leave valuables or pack any household items inside the vehicle.
  • Ask to have your car dropped at your new home, if not make sure the drop-off point is nearby.

Remember to always obtain several quotes before choosing any one freight company to move your car.  It is not wise to select a company based on price alone.  Look for professionalism, company references, and detailed quotes.  If you are relocating for your employer, check with your company to see if such costs are covered in their relocation package.

– Lance Grooms