Should You Even Have an Open House?

Should You Even Have an Open House?

If you ask any real estate agent, he or she will tell you that, traditionally, very few sales come from having an open house.  Today, the internet is making open houses even less effective. So, the big question remains – should you even have an open house if you want to sell your house and move?

Realtors love having open houses, but not because they’ll help sell your house a whole lot faster. The big secret is that real estate agents love open houses because they bring them more business. Moving your house off the market even faster is just an added benefit, when it does happen. So, open houses have always been more useful for agents than sellers.

Today, most real estate agents don’t offer to have open houses unless the seller specifically asks for it. Many realtors have found that the majority of their sales come from contact with other agents, not from open houses. In fact, some realtors even refuse to have open houses! In today’s day and age, it might even be safer to avoid having an open house.

If you want to sell your house and move out, the trick is to really prepare for the sale. An open house may or may not help you. What you’ve got to do is stage your home properly, do all the needed repairs, and make the house presentable. Also, you really need to price your house competitively.

So, what do you think? Are you trying to move? Have you had an open house recently?

Lance Grooms