Should you store it or throw it?

Should you store it or throw it?

In the process of moving house, people often come across items that they have not seen for ages and may even have entirely forgotten about.  If the move being undertaken is to a smaller property than the current residence, the question is faced of what to do with many of these possessions.  Should they be stored elsewhere in facilities offered by a moving company such as BMS Moving & Storage, or just thrown out altogether?

If it is decided that the item is needed at some point in the future but has already been thrown out, the decision will end up costing quite a bit of cash. On the other hand, if items are stored in a storage facility and end up never being needed, this too will be a costly mistake.  The trick is to ask certain questions to try and determine which decision is the right one.

The most important question that should be asked right away is whether the item in question will ever be used again.  If it had been completely forgotten that the item even existed, the chances are that it will probably not ever be made use of again.  Generally speaking, items that are required are usually seen quite a lot of and are not left forgotten in a cupboard for years on end.

Another question to ask is if the item is thrown away and is eventually needed, is it something that can be replaced quite easily? If so, it might be best to discard it.

Gene Salaz