Some Americans Stay as US Begins Evacuations

Some Americans Stay as US Begins Evacuations

US residents urged to leave JapanAs the rest of the world watches as Japan reels from the recent earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power catastrophe, we are beginning to realize just how many U.S. citizens have moved to Japan.  U.S. officials are sending charter planes to the stricken country to evacuate Americans as more and more warnings about the nuclear fallout are issued.  But, some Americans are opting to stay rather than relocate back to the U.S.

Many Americans that relocate to Japan do so for work.  Others move to the country to be with family.  Regardless of what brought them to Japan, many view the island nation as their home.  In the wake of such a combination of disasters, many people want to stay and help.  Some U.S. citizens refuse to move unless the U.S. issues a mandatory exodus.

Though the Japanese government has ordered a mandatory evacuation of those people living within 12 miles surrounding the nuclear site, it has also warned people within 20 miles to stay inside.  The United States has asked Americans who have moved to Japan to leave the area if they are within 50 miles of the site.

Right now, the U.S. Embassy is organizing voluntary evacuations for Embassy staff as well as military personnel in the country – including Tokyo and other areas.  The U.S. State Department has asked any American tourists to move as far as away from the disaster zone as possible and even advised them to come home to the U.S.

Jon Huser