Some Challenges of Living in a Small Home

Some Challenges of Living in a Small Home

We’ve talked about how the new trend in real estate is the small house, but that’s not always a perfect option for everyone.  If you have a big family, for example, you may not want to move into a teeny-tiny house.  There are definitely some unique challenges to moving into a small house.

Generally speaking, moving into a small house is usually good for people under the age of 25 and over the age of 45.  This grouping usually includes people who haven’t had children yet or those whose children have already moved away.

So, what are some of the real considerations to moving into a small house?  We’ve laid out some of them for you:

  • Do you hang onto stuff? If you tend to keep things, you may not really want a small house.  Where would you put all the things you’ve accumulated over the years?
  • Do you host a lot of parties? If you like to entertain at home, moving into a small house might not be a good idea. Where will everyone sit?
  • Did you pay a lot for the land? If you paid a lot for the land your house will be on, it might not make sense to build a micro-home on it.
  • Have you checked the zoning? Sometimes, there are zoning rules that just won’t allow a house under a certain size in an area.
  • Do you need financing? Believe it or not, banks are wary of lending money to people for tiny homes.  They see the houses as more difficult to sell.

So, before you actually move into a small house, we urge you to really sit back and think about your decision.

Jon Huser