Spain House relocation may occur

Spain House relocation may occur

In Tupelo, Mississippi there is a location called Spain House that may be moving to another area of the city.  The council is deciding now whether to move the historical home.  If the home is not moved it will spark the demolition talks that occurred a few years ago.  The city was granted time to determine if something could be done to save the home.

The Spain House is a century old.  It has served as a home, office suite, and funeral parlor.  Before it was left vacant and considered for demolition, the house was turned into a church.  The city currently owns the home, but unless relocation occurs it may be a lost historical treasure.  Historical homes are tricky properties to own privately or through the city.

Anyone who wishes to purchase a historical home or is currently living in one has many things to consider.  Historical homes must be kept up as they were in their prime.  It often means the exterior of the home cannot be changed, but must also be renovated to keep its old style appearance.  The interior is often something that can be changed, but the original structure must be maintained.

The Tupelo Spain House is just an example of the possibilities an old home can provide.  After all, the Spain House, before it was considered for demolition or a move, was a home, business, and church.  Renovation is possible on many old homes, but it can take disposable income for anyone considering a move into a historic location.

Jon Huser