Springfield Will Clear Out Ruined Buildings

Springfield Will Clear Out Ruined Buildings

Just a day after a tornado ripped through Springfield, Massachusetts this spring, city officials decided that they will raze ruined buildings.  In fact, several buildings in the downtown area were immediately demolished by wrecking crews and more will be or have been reduced to bits of rubble and moved out.  Dominic J. Sarno, mayor of Springfield, is not messing around.  How could he?

The tornado was unlike any other to blow through this region in recent history.  The storm ripped through many buildings, bringing them to the ground.  State emergency crews as well as city inspectors were doing their best to assess the damage.  As this is being done, cleaning crews moved in.

One of the first sections of the city to be leveled will be near Hubbard along Union Street.  Officials are also eyeing another eight-family block nearby for demolition.  Unfortunately this means that residents are forced to relocate, but at this point, they don’t have much choice.

Three Springfield residents were killed and many others were injured.  Several of the city’s schools were damaged while two were practically ruined and may not open for the rest of the school year.  Nine schools are without power but were expected to re-open.

Fortunately at the time, city officials have reported that the water is safe to drink; making the effects a bit easier to handle.  Though no one is sure how much time it will take to rebuild the town, officials are hopeful that displaced residents will be able to return to their regular life as soon as possible.

Katie Steil