St Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday for scouting a new city

St Patrick’s Day is the perfect holiday for scouting a new city

Will you need to move long distance or perhaps a state over from your current location?  Whether you need to move for a job or just want to move to a new place for retirement, St Patrick’s Day can be the perfect holiday weekend to enjoy scouting out a new city for that eventual long distance move.

Encinitas could be your destination.  The city offers plenty of festivities for the weekend and also a great place to live for those who prefer a warmer climate.  It may be a new city for you to consider retiring to if you do not want places in Arizona or Florida.

St Patrick’s Day being in March means that spring is just a few days away from the holiday weekend, and thus warm temperatures.  It can be a lot of fun to visit a place you are interested in when you know the weather will be warm.  After all, it is the best way to enjoy driving or walking around the town you are considering moving to.

Do not forget to wear green for the day, though.  It could be your lucky color to find affordable housing in the new city.  Popular destinations for St Patrick’s Day and retirement moves include Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, and the Florida Keys.  For a drier climate consider Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona, as both cities have plenty of golfing, condos, and great weather during the springtime.

Jon Huser