Starbucks battling Friday the 13th superstition

Starbucks battling Friday the 13th superstition

Starbucks, in a company move, made an announcement that Friday the 13th would be its day to offer new drinks for free.  Perhaps it is the company’s way of battling the negative superstition that Friday the 13th seems to imbue.

Customers can visit any Starbucks in order to get one of the newest flavors in the US and Canada.  Starbucks will also offer the same in 15 other countries.  Starbucks has become perhaps the biggest name in the coffee industry because it knows how to market and where to place new locations so as to get better profits.  It certainly makes some great moves.

The fact that Starbucks is launching new products on one of the three Friday the 13ths in 2012 is rather interesting too.  If you look back in history most years have perhaps one or two 13ths that land on Friday, but this year we have it three times.  It comes in the year that end of the world theorists consider to be the year that the world will truly end.  You can truly find symbolism in almost anything if you look.

This Friday you might want to consider how you feel about Friday the 13th.  Is it a lucky day where you get a free drink from Starbucks in the form of a good treat?  Perhaps you are too afraid to try the new drink for fear that the 13th will automatically make it an unfavorable taste?  You will have to decide, of course.

Jon Huser