Starting Over in Scranton

Starting Over in Scranton

If you’ve been hurt by the country’s recession or maybe just want to move to a new town to get a fresh start, there are a number of cities that can meet your needs.  But, there are also plenty of cities that might not be so ideal for relocating to. One city that will meet your needs is Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Scranton isn’t glamorous and it might not be as exciting as other cities that you might move to, but it is reliable.  It has a solid economy, which means more money in your pocket after you move.  And remember – the more money you have, the better new start you can achieve!
Here are some basic things you should know about Scranton – and no, it’s not that you can really get a job at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company made famous by NBC’s popular show, “The Office.”

  • 549,150 residents
  • 13.8% job growth
  • $34,457 per capita income
  • $147,921 average home price

If you are considering moving to Scranton, Pennsylvania, you might want to know a little more about it as well.  Did you know that it was once a coal-mining town?  Did you know that the city’s economy took a fall back in the 1990s when it lost its primary manufacturing base as well as more than half its population?

Over the years, Scranton officials have worked very hard to make the city a great place to start over.  Millions of dollars have been put into development including improved health services, tourism, education, and technology.  This bodes pretty well for the city’s economy.

Jon Huser