Staying Eco-Friendly in a Hotel

Staying Eco-Friendly in a Hotel

Despite their classy layouts, some hotels are eco-friendly and others just haven’t jumped on the green bandwagon yet. So, if you are concerned with the environment, how do you still do your part when staying in a hotel? If you can’t stay in an eco-friendly hotel when you travel, there are some choices you can make to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Do Not Disturb
The “Do Not Disturb” sign isn’t really a cutting-edge amenity, but you can use this little device to keep housekeeping out. There’s no need to change your sheets and towels everyday – you don’t do that at home, why do you need it at the hotel?

Ration Your Towels
Why not leave the towels right where housekeeping left them rather than waste the hot water and electricity to wash and dry them. Use the same floor mat each day and bath towel. Limit yourself to just one washcloth and hand towel.

Limit the Toiletries
Sure, those toiletries are nice to have – and use them if you need to! But, take the bottles home with you when you leave if you haven’t used everything up. If you leave the opened bottles at the hotel, chances are housekeeping will just throw them away – a big waste! Oh, and use only one bar of soap during your stay if you can – transfer it between the shower and the sink.

So, whether you are staying in a hotel during your relocation or on a trip for work or pleasure, try and keep these ideas in mind. Remember, even those state-of-the-art hotel rooms that are so nice to sleep in may not be as eco-friendly as you like

Bill Barkulis