Staying Productive During an Office Move

Staying Productive During an Office Move

Whether you are moving to another floor in the same building or relocating across town, the idea of moving your office probably isn’t so appealing.  As you probably already know, moving a home or office can be one of the most stressful tasks you ever experience.  Because there is always the prospect of losing valuable work time, how can you stay productive during an office move?  We’ve put together some ideas to help you during this time.

1.  You can never plan too far ahead.

If it is a small move, you should know well in advance where all the cubicles, desks, and office equipment would go.  You should also know where all the Ethernet connections are located.  Don’t leave anything to chance.  Remember, even if you have a small company, a relocation will involve moving a local-area network, computers, and countless other items.  With plenty of careful planning, you can schedule your move to happen over a weekend to avoid losing too much work time.

2. Don’t forget the unexpected.

While you can have every aspect of the corporate move planned out, be ready for anything.  Things happen and you need to be on the ball.  Consider stores that are open all night in case you need to pick up a box of wire or make copies before your machines are set up.

3. Now is a good time to upgrade.

An office move is a great time to upgrade your office equipment.  If you have a slew of old, bulky computer monitors think about getting rid of them and replacing them with flat panel monitors.  Donate your old computer equipment for a tax break.

4. Be ready for down time.

As you’ve probably learned, moving can be unpredictable.  So even if you aren’t planning on any down time, be ready for it.  There could be a delay in the Internet connection or some other minor problem that will slow things down.  Be aware and be ready!  A Certified Mover will be able to help you plan for the things you may have otherwise overlooked and conduct training sessions to help employees prepare their area for the move.

Lance Grooms