Steven Seagal Drives Tank Into House

Steven Seagal Drives Tank Into House

A couple of weeks ago, several sources reported that actor Steven Seagal, who is well-known for speaking out against animal cruelty, killed a puppy when he drove a tank – yes, a tank – into a house he was trying to demolish. So, what’s the real story here?

First of all, we’re not really sure. But here’s what we do know. Mr. Seagal was not trying to raze his own house in order to build a bigger, better one. He also wasn’t trying to move his tank from his driveway to his garage and just hit the wrong pedal on the way.

Apparently, Mr. Seagal drove the tank into the Arizona house owned by someone who was allegedly hosting cockfights. The homeowner is now suing Seagal for not only destroying his home causing him to relocate, but also for killing a puppy that was inside.

So, where did Mr. Seagal get a tank, anyway? Maricopa County, the location of the cockfighting house, has its own tank and invited Seagal to drive it! It looks like if you are outspoken against animal cruelty and know a little bit about martial arts, you might want to move to Maricopa County – they may let you drive a tank!

All this tank action has resulted in a $100,000 lawsuit on the table. In addition, the homeowner wants the actor and animal rights activist to send a written apology to his children for killing their puppy. No word on the outcome of the case or if Seagal will apologize.

But if there is one thing we do know – that homeowner has probably had to rent a pretty big storage unit to house his things while he finds a new place to move! We can only imagine the damage a tank could do!

Jon Huser