Storage Can Help You Get Organized

Storage Can Help You Get Organized

Do you need help getting more organized?  Do you have too much stuff lying around your house?  Perhaps you moved into a smaller home and just don’t have enough space for all of your things.  Well, using a storage facility can definitely help you get more organized.

Using a storage facility to house your extra stuff will definitely help you get more organized at home while preventing the heartache of having to get rid of your possessions.  And regardless of what you may have heard in the past, it is possible to find affordable storage solutions.  Let us help you get started.

Make a lot of Lists

First of all, make a few lists.  What do you use only in the summer or winter?  What do you need to keep for the long-term?  What needs to stay at the house?  What can you get rid of?  Take a look at your lists and then consider recycling or donating the items that don’t make the cut.  The rest can ultimately go into storage.

Pack Everything Up

Start packing.  Get some sturdy boxes from a packing and moving store or pick some up for free from a local liquor or bookstore.  Pack infrequently used items and make sure you label the boxes clearly.  This will help you access them easier later on.

Keep Track

It is impossible to stay organized without having some kind of inventory list.  If you’re computer savvy, make a spreadsheet of all the boxes you’ve packed and where you will be placing them.  Will it be in the attic, the basement, the garage, or storage?  This way, when you need to get hold of certain items, you won’t be wasting time and energy sorting through all the different locations.  All of this sound like a lot of work…well it is.  Good news is that there are professionals who can help pack your items and stage your home.

Jon Huser