Storage tips for truck loading and unloading

Storage tips for truck loading and unloading

Making sure that items are placed correctly inside of your truck will make both your packing and your loading and unloading go much more smoothly than would otherwise be the case.  The good news is that there are a few simple tips that can be easily followed in order to be able to do just this.

For one thing, the heaviest items should always be loaded on the truck first.  This helps to keep the truck stable while on the road.  It is also a very good idea to store items that you get the most use out of at the front of the unit, where you will be able to get to them much more easily.  It is also important to make certain that you have rented the correct sized truck for your move.

The truck should be loaded a quarter at a time, and packed tightly all the way from the floor to the ceiling.  Each quarter should be secured with rope tied to the tie-down rings.  Bureaus, large china cabinets, refrigerators, sofas and other heavy appliances and items of furniture should be placed against the truck’s front wall.  Protective covers should be used on mattresses and sofas during the relocation and storage period.  Bookcases, chairs, tables and other fairly light items should then be loaded towards the back of the truck.

Large, flat items such as box springs, mattresses, mirrors and tabletops should be stood upright against the walls of the truck and securely tied.  Lighter boxes should be stacked on top of heavier ones.