Storing Major Appliances and Furniture

Ask anyone and they will tell you that moving from one house to another is never on their short list of fun things to do.  Ask those same people what they think about putting their items into storage and you’ll probably get a similar response.  The key to a smooth relocation is to carefully plan every aspect – and that means dealing with storage solutions, if you need them, as well.

Putting Major Appliances in Storage

If you are moving and want to take any of your major appliances with you, it is important to take proper care.  Storage facilities are ideal locations for your refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, and stoves between moves, but only if you store them properly.  A trained professional will be able to help you with this and free your worries.  But to start, appliances should be clean and dry before packing and storing.  If you want to air them out, that’s a good idea, but always secure the doors and lids in a closed position before they’re stored. 

Storing Your Home Furnishings

Just as with your appliances, make sure that all the furniture you place into storage is clean and dry.  Don’t leave your clothing in the dresser – put it into appropriate wardrobe boxes and consider putting in mothballs as well.  Keep all furniture doors securely shut with rope or furniture tape.  And if you can, remove the legs from any of the furniture to avoid damage – this can also help you make the most of storage space.  Lastly, ask that the storage company cover your furniture with protective sheets of plastic or linen to avoid a build-up of dirt and dust.

-Katie Steil