Storing your Belongings Successfully

Storing your Belongings Successfully

Are you relocating for work? On a temporary assignment?  In this situation, it may be more logical to start thinking about putting some of your personal items into storage. This will reduce the amount of items that will need shipping to your new location, and could in turn will reduce the costs.

Many full service reputable moving companies may have a storage warehouse building and these can, in most cases, be similar in cost to renting a self-storage unit.  Using a professional mover also means no back breaking work lifting furniture into or out of a self storage unit.  Certainly the box-type, self-storage warehouse buildings can be found littering the sides of highways all the way from Los Angeles to Atlanta.  Families have plenty of options when storage is required.  Here are some keys to selecting a self storage unit:

Choosing a Self-storage Facility


  • Consider your new location carefully. Will you need to revisit your storage building often? In this case, make sure you choose a facility close to your new home.
  • Evaluate how much you will have to store. Storage facilities will offer a range of spaces therefore it’s best to opt for a smaller space initially, than pay for a huge unit that you will never be able to fill.
  • Enquire about the unit safety and maintenance. Climate controlled units are exceptionally popular for those storing valuable items, such as antique furniture or personal documents. Items such as these can seriously deteriorate if left in temperatures that are too hot or cold. For an additional cost you can use a temperature controlled storage unit.
  • If you’ll be using a mover to move your belongings into a self storage unit, make certain to consider access to the unit with a large moving van.

When it comes to packing up and transferring everything into the unit, try and stick with easy-to-carry boxes of a specific size. These will be significantly easier to stack, meaning that you can leave small walkways within your unit in order to ensure all of your stored belongings are accessible.  If you need to move large items and furniture it might be best to consider a hiring a professional to move and store the items for you.

– Lance Grooms