Storing Your Boat for the Winter

Storing Your Boat for the Winter

Sure, you probably know all about storing your smaller items such as clothing, furniture, and other household items during the seasons they aren’t in use.  But what about bigger things, like your boat?  The winter usually isn’t such a great time to go boating, unless you live in Florida, so what do you do with the boat during this time?

Today, many people turn to storage facilities and warehouses as a solution for caring for their boat in the winter.  This has become more common as marina owners have recently become more stringent on keeping boats during the winter.  So, as the winter months approach, you should definitely winterize your boat and get it ready for storage.

  • Winterize the engine by removing the fuel.
  • Prevent odors by placing open containers of baking soda throughout the boat.
  • Use additional specialist products to absorb moisture from the boat during storage.
  • Cover the boat tightly to keep moisture out.

Finding a good boat storage facility should also be top of your list – it is never a good idea to place your boat in the first place you come across.  Your boat will last a long time if you use the right storage center.  There are boat self-storage facilities as well as full-service facilities.  Do some research so there won’t be surprises down the road.

Lance Grooms