Strategies For Moving To a Smaller Home

Strategies For Moving To a Smaller Home

Moving to a smaller property?There are many reasons a family may move to a smaller home – the economy, the loss of a job, or retirement.  Regardless of why you are moving to a smaller home, the whole relocation may actually feel like a sacrifice of sorts.  But it doesn’t have to be.

A large home may accommodate a lot of stuff, but do you really need all of it?  Moving to a smaller home allows you to prioritize what matters most to you.  No matter why you are moving, these strategies should help you cope with moving to a smaller place:

1.     Measure the smaller space before you move to confirm which pieces of your furniture will fit.

2.     Make a list of what possessions will fit in your new home.

3.     Sell or donate anything you can’t fit or don’t want anymore.

4.     If you have items that are important to the family but don’t want to get rid of, consider giving them to other relatives.

5.     If the move is a temporary one, consider renting a self-storage facility to house your possessions in the interim.

In addition to these strategies for moving to a smaller space, you will need to consider creative storage solutions.  One way to ensure more storage is to use a lot of shelves.  Shelves can provide a lot of storage simply by using up space you normally wouldn’t, perhaps around a door or along a wall that would otherwise not accommodate any furniture.

– Jon Huser