Streamlined process to aid SBA office move

Streamlined process to aid SBA office move

The Wichita government may be known more for red tape than for streamlined process but this could be set to change if the General Services Administration has anything to do with it, and the government is going to have the perfect test case coming up.  The Small Business Administration is planning a move to new offices, from 271 W Third Street to the Page Court Building in the Garvey Center, situated at 220E Douglas.

A design phase is needed before the relocation can take place, which can determine everything from the new offices’ security systems to the tint of the windows.  “Normally the process would take 60 days or more,” notes the district director of the Small Business Administration, Wayne Bell.

The General Services Administration has a brand new design intent drawing process, which will convene everybody involved in the shift. This includes designers, the GSA, contractors, a representative for the landlord, the Small Business Administration, and anybody else linked to the project.  “You’re going to have all of the players in the room,” Bell says.  “With this approach, everything should be complete within a three-day timeframe.  It’s a really, really good idea.”

The design intent drawing results in the creation of a condensed timeframe, with the Small Business Administration’s needs represented by a rough on-the-spot draft that can be immediately refined with everybody present, as opposed to the old method that took several months.

Author – Gene Salaz