Surviving a Long Flight

Surviving a Long Flight

When it comes to traveling, the long flight is usually the worst part of the entire experience, even if you are flying first class the entire way.  So, in an effort to help you get to your hotel in even more comfort to enjoy those top-notch rooms, read on for some really helpful tips.

Always Fly First or Business Class

First class is always the best, but it isn’t always affordable.  So, why not consider business class?  Flying in these areas of the plane might make the trip a little easier to deal with because you will have more room.  This is especially true if you are flying overseas.

Choose the Window Seat

The window seat is great for a couple of reasons.  First of all, you have a little more space to stretch out or even lean on the wall as you sleep (if you need to).  However, the window seat is ideal for long flights because no one will be waking you up to use the bathroom or stretch.

Figure Out the Best Route for the Most Sleep

If you can’t get a direct flight to your hotel with cutting edge amenities, try to split your trip up into a long flight and a short flight.  This way, you will probably get a little more sleep on the longer flight rather than going on two flights of similar lengths.

Eat and Drink

Don’t load up on the minibar before you leave that top-notch room.  But you should drink plenty of water leading up to and during the flight and stay away from the caffeine.  Oh, and eat the meal you are offered (or snack) to keep your strength up.