Syrian military truck harmed

Syrian military truck harmed

The UN is upset with regards to the threats a roadside bomb created for a military truck in Syria.  The truck was hit moments after a UN observer team drove by in a string of vehicles.  The bomb demonstrated how fragile things are in Syria right now, and how the international plan to stop bloodshed in the country needs to be stepped up.

It was said in a speech in the US that Syria poses a threat to the US in terms of diplomatic goals and national security.  The attack unfortunately wounded ten Syrian soldiers, which has shown the limits the international plan has in terms of the ceasefire that was supposed to be in force.  Rebels are still trying to stop Assad from leading the country.  The UN military moved 70 observers around Syria, but it may increase to 100 in the coming days.  The UN military is partly made up of US troops moving around the country to see how things are progressing for safety and security measures.  Given that the ceasefire has unraveled before a full month has passed, it is likely that more than 300 US military and other ally military forces will enter the country to observe what is going on.

The UN secretary general denounced the attack that led to the truck being bombed.  He stated that the only way to stop a civil war was to work towards a ceasefire and to make certain that truck-bombing incidents do not continue to happen.  Violence, according to the secretary general, is not the way to stop the trouble.  Peace needs to remain, which means that all parties need to lay down their arms and stop the fighting.  Rebels unfortunately are still attacking local military forces and checkpoints, which is creating civil unrest to the point that families with children may start to suffer more and more like most countries that are in all out war.

The US Department of State spoke about the incidents too with regards to the roadside bomb and how the UN will continue to monitor the situation to make certain that the ceasefire will hold towards peace.  The death toll in recent days has dropped, but it does not mean all out war is stopped.  There are issues evident that peace will be replaced by more violence.

One individual close to the incident stated that speculation is not going to help.  Those involved need to quickly find out who is behind the breaking of the ceasefire and who is supporting them.  As long as Syrian military and UN helpers are aware of who is behind the attacks, they can be stopped.  Terrorists were being blamed for the uprising, but that is just one theory.  The local residents are definitely demanding that they be protected by any means necessary, as they want the fighting stopped and peace to become evident.  Many soldiers stood on the streets and one person stated that the attacks happen more frequently each time the observers come.

Lance Grooms