Take the Drama Out of Moving for Kids and Pets

Take the Drama Out of Moving for Kids and Pets

Moving can be stressful for the smallest members of your family.  If you’ve got kids or pets, help them get over the trauma of moving by taking a little extra time to ease them into the transition.


The best way to help children through a move is to make sure they understand what’s going on.  Allowing your child to come home from school one day to find a moving truck in the driveway and his bedroom packed in boxes likely won’t go over well.  Instead, explain what’s going on and answer your kids’ questions as honestly as possible.

On moving day, giving kids simple, age-appropriate tasks to do will help them feel a part of the process.  It’ll also keep them in sight and out of the way of movers.

If your children are very small, the best thing to do might be to ask someone to look after them for the day so they’re entertained and you’re free to supervise the move.


Pets can easily be lost in the shuffle or get underfoot on moving day.  Try to keep them out of the way as much as possible.  You could keep them inside and out of the way or ask a trusted friend or relative to keep an eye on them.

To help keep pets calm and stress-free during all the commotion, provide plenty of food, water, and a favorite toy.  Check on them as much as you can to make sure they’re okay.

-Lance Grooms