Taking stock before you move

Taking stock before you move

In spite of all of the hassle that people associate with moving, once the dust has cleared and the anxiety has dispersed the great majority of us ultimately recognize that it is something of a liberating experience, forcing us to get rid of the clutter that we have accumulated in the house that we are now leaving.

Regardless of whether you purchase any new furniture for your new home, just going through the motions of getting packed up and making a move to new surroundings is a very positive experience for most people, as it represents an opportunity to start over.

Before your relocation, I think it is a very good idea to take an inventory of all of your possessions and think about what place they will have – if any at all – in your brand new home.  The likelihood is that when you came to your current home, the needs of your family were somewhat different than they are today.  People have grown older, hobbies may have been given up, tastes have altered, and some items that you once regarded as indispensable may not seem to be so important anymore.

A good place to begin is by taking stock of your furniture.  After all, if you get rid of one or two pieces, then you are immediately spared the hassle and cost of having to move them.  Lamps, pillows, rugs and other accessories can also be looked at to see if they really match your tastes anymore.