Ten Things You’ll Want to Protect on Moving Day

Ten Things You’ll Want to Protect on Moving Day

There’s nothing like a chaotic move day to bring out the sticky fingers.  With so many strangers coming and going from your house, it’s hard to keep tabs on your valuables. Do your homework on the company first before you hire them. Make sure they are a reputable company and not just the local Cowboy and his sidekicks.

Here are some of the most common items stolen on move day:

1.  Medication and Prescription Drugs

Prescription medications and some over-the-counter drugs can bring big money on the street.  Even toiletries like name-brand perfume and make-up are tempting to thieves.

2.  Personal Information

Bank statements, credit card account numbers, and anything with your social security number should be stored away before your movers arrive.

3.  Sports Memorabilia

Trading cards are particularly attractive to thieves, and it’s impossible to track them down once they’re gone.

4.  Jewelry

Gold, silver, platinum, and gemstone jewelry is super easy for unscrupulous movers to snatch.

5.  Collectibles

Small collectibles and memorabilia are easy to steal and will bring high prices on the black market.

6.  Fine China and Crystal

Though they’re a bit more difficult to steal during a move, fine china and glassware are so valuable that some shady movers are willing to risk it.

7.  Sterling Silver

Again, high quality or heirloom silver is so valuable that it’s worth the risk.

8.  Electronics and Computers

Laptops, CDs, and DVDs are easily slipped in a moving company van and driven away before you know they’re gone.

9.  Persian Rugs

These sell for plenty of money and can be whisked away in all the chaos of a move.

10.  Sports Equipment

Golf clubs, skis, surfboards, and high-end bikes are just some items that are most attractive to thieves.

-Lance Grooms