The advantages of a DITY move

The advantages of a DITY move

The DITY (do it yourself) move in the military means that you move your belongings yourself and will receive reimbursement from the government for your efforts.  You are eligible if you separate, retire, move from or to government quarters under orders or make a Temporary Addition Duty (TAD), Temporary Duty (TDY), or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.

The program is entirely voluntary and can be used either in its entirety or just in part.  For example, some household goods can be shipped via a Government Bill of Lading (GBL), with the balance under the DITY program, up to the permitted weight allowance.  The DITY program means that you can make use of your own vehicle or a borrowed or rented one for the relocation.  You are also entitled to travel allowances through the US government and receive as much as $25,000 in valuation coverage.  Under some circumstances you can also receive a monetary allowance in advance for your move.

The DITY move offers a number of advantages over that of a normal military move.  One of these advantages is time, as you will receive extra time for your relocation if you make a DITY move.  If you plan the move efficiently, this means extra time for you to relax.

Another advantage of making a DITY move is that you have total control of the entire process, from choosing the moving company to handling however much of the move you think you can manage yourself.