The Basics of Self Storage

The Basics of Self Storage

Relocation comes with a lot of decision making, scheduling, and stress.  Depending on your situation, you may need to move out of your current residence before your new home is ready.  So what do you do when that happens?  One way to deal with this is self storage.

When considering a self storage unit, there are some things to consider.  You’ll need to figure out the size of the storage unit and how long you’ll need it.  You should also think about the features you require such as security, location, access, and climate control.  Once you figure that out, you’ll need to actually choose a self storage facility.  Visit the top self storage locations in your area and make your choice after visiting at least three.

The price of your self storage unit will be determined mainly by size.  The smaller the size, the less it will cost.  So, if you want to save money, try to store as little as possible.  Have a moving sale or donate items you won’t need after you move.  Most storage facilities will provide you with a breakdown of how much stuff each unit will hold.

Before choosing a storage facility, make sure you read the fine print.  Ask the manager as many questions as you need to and be sure you agree to the terms.  You don’t want any surprises or be shocked by additional fees.

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