The Emerson Doll House

The Emerson Doll House

Emerson Doll HouseWell it seems that Barbie may be moving into a whole new kind of dream house. The Emerson Doll House from Brinca Dada is a truly modern and unique doll house that other little girls on the block likely will not have. (Most big girls, either!)

The doll house was made with architecture buffs in mind. Perhaps you are moving into a new modern home and want a smaller model of a modern home for your kids to play with. Or, maybe you just want a cool looking doll house in your new space. Either way, check the rent on where you’re moving – the doll house costs about $325 and could be a single month’s rent for some people!

Brinca Dada designers were inspired by Gary Cooper’s house designed by A. Quincy Jones as well as Richard Neutra’s Desert House. The doll house itself measures 18”x21”x30” and has seven rooms – kitchen, dining room, living room, library, master bedroom, child’s bedroom, and a bathroom. It may very well be a mansion for dolls to move into!

The doll house also boasts glass corners, a cut-stone fireplace for the minimalist, scored hardwood floors, and yes – recessed LED, solar-powered lighting. With all this fancy stuff, it’s still safe, made with nontoxic and lead-free wood stains, paints, and other materials.

Mom and Dad will definitely need to help put it together, as assembly is required. This beautiful and fun doll house will be ready in no time – let the kids (and the dolls) move right in!

Lance Grooms