The Hidden Costs of Moving

The Hidden Costs of Moving

Packing Supplies

If you have lots of delicate or hard to pack items in your home, trying to stuff your things into the free boxes you picked up from the liquor store isn’t going to work.  Boxes, paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, moving pads, and other quality packing supplies are going to cost you.

Taking Care of the Help

Professional movers should be tipped at the end of the move, provided they’ve delivered on their promise of good service.  If you recruit friends and family to help you move, feeding them at the end of the day is the least you can do.  Cold refreshments of choice during and after the move is always a good idea. These costs can add up if you have a big home, big office move or if you have lots of help.


You may have to eat out more frequently as you settle into your new house.  Whether you’re too tired to cook or just can’t remember where the movers left the box of pots and pans, you’ll likely start your relocation with a few days of take-out, fast food, and restaurant meals.

Things for Your New Home

Once you move into your new place, you’ll realize all the things you need:  light bulbs, new locks, curtains, cleaning supplies, trash cans, décor, new furniture, and more.  This stuff all costs money. 


You might find it necessary to put some of your things into storage for a while, especially if you’re planning a long distance move.  The cost of a monthly storage rental can add up if you need the space for more than a few months.

Higher Monthly Utilities

A new home often means new household expenses.  You could be paying more for insurance, taxes, trash, utilities, and vehicle maintenance if you’ve got a longer commute to work.  These are a few things to consider for your upcoming move.

-Jon Huser