The Iconic Home of the Brady Bunch

The Iconic Home of the Brady Bunch

Have you ever thought about your dream house?  Believe it or not, many people secretly hope to move into the homes of characters on their favorite television shows!  While the idea itself may be silly, it is always fun to fantasize about where you might want to live.  One of the most iconic homes in television history is the one that the Brady’s called home.

The beloved television series, “The Brady Bunch” aired for 115 episodes and quickly became a cultural phenomenon.  In fact, many children of the day probably wished that they could move into the split-level ranch house made famous by the show.

There was something charming, yet alarming, about the 3 bedroom Brady house.  For one, there seemed to be very few bedrooms for six kids – something that seemed odd since Mike Brady was actually an architect!  When you move into your next home, you may want to ensure that all of your children have their own rooms.

The exterior of the Brady home was an actual house in the Los Angeles area (Studio City, California).  “It just had a good look to it. It symbolized California living.”, Series Creator Sherwood Schwartz recalls.  But, because the set built in the Paramount Studios back lot boasted a two-story floor plan, the art department had to add a false window to the actual home to create the illusion of a two-story home.  So much for the magic of the movies!

So, if you want to move to the Los Angeles area, you may be able to find the actual Brady house in Studio City, California, but it won’t look anything like what you saw on television!

– Lance Grooms