The Importance of Pet Identification When Moving

The Importance of Pet Identification When Moving

Chances are, you love your pet. And if that is true, you probably already know how important it is to make sure your pet has proper identification in case he or she gets lost. But, did you know that it is even more important during relocation?

When moving, it is essential that your pet have proper identification. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple – when you move, there is an increased chance that your pet will either run away or escape. If your pet is properly identified and found, you have a better chance of getting the animal back.

A lost pet can be stressful on the family, but imagine losing your pet during relocation. The sheer stress of it could be awful!

Most dog owners already have a collar and tag on their dog if the animal does get separated from the family. But, there are also microchips available today. These little chips are injected right under the animal’s skin and can be scanned to identify the owners.

It is important that your dog, cat, or bird wear an easily readable ID tag at all times, though it is essential during your relocation. You should include your pet’s name, your destination address, telephone number, and your name. If it fits, an email address can be handy as well.

It usually isn’t too hard to move your pets across town, but things get complicated when you move long-distance. If you are flying with your pets, the airline may require additional forms of identification – so be sure to follow procedure!

Jon Huser