The Main Moving Players

The Main Moving Players

As someone who is getting ready to move or a manager of the relocation department of a company, you need to know who the players are in the industry.  As you begin your search for a moving company, you will come across these four main players.

Van Lines

Large moving companies are often referred to as van lines.  They’ve been around a long time and can provide a full scope of moving and relocation services both domestically and internationally.  There are about 25 van lines in the United States to choose from.  You can easily find out about them by doing a little research.

Van Line Agents

Van line agents are exactly what the term sounds like.  These companies are independent companies that serve as an agent for the larger van lines.  In fact, there are thousands of van line agents throughout the U.S. and may be limited to local services or national.  In a sense, van line agents are much like franchisees.

Independent Carriers

Independent carriers are also known as “full-service carriers” and do not have a van line affiliation.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of such companies throughout the nation.  These companies provide moving services under their own licenses.  These moving companies can provide a great amount of personal service.

Moving Brokers

Moving brokers don’t actually help you move from one location to another and don’t own any trucks or employ movers.  They simply help you find a moving company to meet your needs.  When you work with a moving broker you need to be extremely careful.  Always make sure you ask for the identity of the moving company and ask how much the broker is being paid for referring you to a mover.  If they don’t answer your questions, move on.

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