Things to consider when moving overseas

Things to consider when moving overseas

The first few months as you set about preparing to move overseas can feel completely overwhelming and as if the earth has completely shifted beneath your feet.  This should not dissuade you, as such a big change can often take some time to get used to; however, you do need to put some serious thought into precisely what it is that you are actually moving towards.

One big mistake made by some people who decide on overseas relocation is that the decision is based on a past vacation and the illusory belief that living there permanently will be just like that.  In reality, unless you are making a move to retire overseas, living there will not be like a vacation and your lifestyle and work balance will probably not change too much from how it is at home.  This is something that you must face up to before you make a decision to move abroad.

The price of property in a particular area in another country is usually a reflection of the living standards and income level of the surrounding community.  Although it may seem an appealing idea to be able to purchase cheap property, the jobs that are available in this location will probably not be able to support the kind of quality of living to which you have become accustomed.

This being said, sometimes people do move overseas because they have realized that a higher standard of living does not necessarily result in happiness.  For example, Mediterranean countries may be statistically poorer but can still offer a more relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.

Jon Huser