This Lady Needs Some Doll Storage

This Lady Needs Some Doll Storage

When we came across this story, we just knew we had to share it!  What would you do if you saw that a model was keeping 300 children in a 3-bedroom apartment?  Well, it isn’t what you think – Marilyn Mansfield isn’t hoarding actual children, she just has a really big doll collection!

But, it does get a little strange.  Mansfield actually clothes, feeds, and cleans these dolls each and every day.  Mansfield, a model that has appeared in Penthouse Magazine, has collected dolls for years and treats them with such care so that they don’t break.  She does have two actual children, so the dolls aren’t stored in their own room.  Her storage solutions border on the strange – baby carriages, bassinets, baskets, and car seats to name a few.

In fact, this doll obsession is so extreme that TLC recently featured Mansfield on its show “My Collection Obsession.”  The show documents really unusual habits and premiered just last month.  In a way, it’s a lot like another TV show, “Hoarders” which takes a look at people that can’t get rid of anything and end up using their home as one giant storage unit rather than a home.

Although some people may view Mansfield’s obsession as creepy (her husband included), she seems pretty happy.  The only thing we might suggest to keep the peace at home would be to perhaps find a nice climate-controlled storage unit to keep all her dolls.  That way, she gets the best of both worlds!

Lance Grooms