Thousands Flee Flooding in Northeast

Thousands Flee Flooding in Northeast

Almost 100,000 people in the northeast from Maryland to New York were ordered to move out of the area due to the rising waters of the Susquehanna River on Thursday.  The river was expected to rise to more than 40 feet and cause flooding throughout the immediate areas.

It seems like the northeast just can’t catch a break.  First with the earthquake, then with Hurricane Irene, and now the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee are causing quite the commotion.  This flood evacuation doesn’t come at an opportune time when so many people are still reeling from the forced relocations from Hurricane Irene.  The northeast hasn’t had much time to dry out.

Most of the people asked to move out of the area this week live about 80 miles downstream, in the town of Wilkes-Barre.  It is in that particular area that the river will swell the most.  Residents were asked to get out by 4:00 PM.  But, as early as 7:00 AM that morning, many people had to wade through water just to leave.

Many roads and highways are already closed throughout the region due to flooding and rock slides.  Bridges have also collapsed in Pennsylvania due to high waters.  These closures will no doubt put a damper on things.  In fact, New York’s Interstate 90 will likely be closed and it happens to be one of the busiest stretches in the area.

Hopefully, people won’t be relocated for very long.  So far, this hurricane season has been very busy for the northeast.  Our thoughts are with all of those affected by this series of events. 

Lance Grooms