Tilden, Nebraska Great for Families

Tilden, Nebraska Great for Families

Just in case you were wondering, one of the best places in the great state of Nebraska to raise a family is the tiny town of Tilden. When we say tiny, we mean tiny! Tilden has a population of just 830.

So, if you are moving to Nebraska and love small towns, Tilden may be a prime spot for you. However, if you are moving from a big city where you’re used to 830 people simply living on your block, then you might want to think twice!  At least visit before you start packing and hiring the movers.

If there ever were a sleepy little town, it would be Tilden. The community, just outside of Norfolk, is found in the northeastern section of Nebraska, known for its cornfields and blue skies. What makes Tilden so great for raising a family is that it really is the quintessential small American town.

The small population makes the town quaint. There is a soccer field and a baseball diamond.  There is a library and a hospital (with 20 beds). For families that love the great outdoors, Tilden has a lot to offer. Just a mile north of town you’ll find the Elkhorn River, which offers plenty of fishing (catfish all the way!) and spectacular views.

Some people may find Tilden just too small for their liking. So, if you need to move within the state of Nebraska, another town you might want to consider is Springfield.

Jon Huser