Time for tourists and non-residents to head home

Time for tourists and non-residents to head home

Asia is a popular destination for many interested in learning about a different culture with ancient roots.  Chinese medicine, Japanese technology and Korea remaining a closed country for many centuries before modern times are all interesting to a number of Americans.  Asia is a prime destination for English speaking teachers to go to because many places, such as Thailand, Korea, Japan and China, offer exchange programs allowing those who can teach English to stay for a year or more to teach English in schools.  For anyone who might be in South Korea right now teaching English or just enjoying a magnificent country and culture, it might be time to head home.

A move back home to the US might be a safer option given the recent political struggles between South and North Korea.  Meanwhile, as tourists and other visitors move home, the US Military in Japan is preparing to lend any hand that South Korea may request.  There has been a lot of talk about the US military moving from Japan to other areas of the South Pacific.  The talks have not been completed as Japan wishes for the military to move on from Okinawa to Guam, but with recent issues in Korea it may be a good idea to be on hand.

North Korea has warned the US, and most particularly South Korea, that it will be testing nuclear weapons.  Cheong Wa Dae has been consulting with government agencies, such as the Defense Ministry, Foreign Ministry, National Intelligence Agency and Unification Ministry, regarding the issue with North Korea and its nuclear plans.

The Defense Ministry is currently entering into mock drills to intercept North Korean rockets should the North create an issue with a satellite or nuclear weapon by launching it into South Korea rather than keeping it in its borders.  Yu is an important official in South Korea who stated that nuclear tests are not courageous, as the North Koreans want to think.  Courage is caring for the welfare of those living in North Korea.

South Korea, Japan and the US have been in talks since last month.  These talks are on closed channels in order for information to be shared and action to be taken if North Korea takes any steps that are out of bounds.  The US and its allies have stated that any launch, even in a test capacity, would violate the 1874 UN Security Council Resolution.  The resolution bans any ballistic technology launch.  Sanctions were already placed against Pyongyang for launching a rocket in 2009.  They also had a test in 2006 where plutonium nuclear tests were conducted.

With such actions it is no wonder the military is beginning to plan for action, should it be required.  Given the past history with North and South, it is also important for US citizens to move towards Seoul and away from any border areas if they are not going to leave the country all together, just in case something worse than just a test occurs.

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