Tips for Finding Hotel Deals in Hong Kong

Tips for Finding Hotel Deals in Hong Kong

There are plenty of great deals on hotels in Hong Kong, but how do you find them? We’ve got some tips and tricks to finding these deals that will bring you top-notch rooms at bargain-basement prices. So, whether you’re moving to Hong Kong or simply going for a visit and need a place to stay, check out these ideas.

Online Deals

You can really save a bundle on some of the best hotels with cutting edge amenities if you look online. You can do a search online at one of the hotel search sites to narrow your list. While these sites can offer a great deal, you might find an even better price on the hotel’s own website.

Haggle for Your Hotel

There’s nothing wrong with giving the hotel a direct call and bargaining with them directly. This is especially true for hotels in Hong Kong. You might be able to get a better discount of up to 30% or 40% simply by asking. Oh, and if there are hotel renovations going on, use that in your favor!

Ask for Extras

If you’ve tried your hand at haggling and just aren’t making a dent, ask for some extras for free. Perhaps you could get a free upgrade or spa treatment or complimentary breakfast (or drinks in the lounge.) Hotels in Hong Kong are usually willing to work with you.

Consider a Package

Even if you don’t usually go for the vacation package, you might find that there’s one that has a great deal on airfare, accommodations, and other features in a single price. Talk to your travel agent or do a little research online.

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