Tips for Moving to London

Tips for Moving to London

Who wouldn’t want to have a cup of tea by the Thames or a beer in Brixton?  If these things sound good to you, why not move to London?  Whether you are moving to the UK for personal or professional reasons, it is a big move nonetheless.  So, how can you make the transition to the UK from the US as seamless as possible?  We’ve put together some tips for moving to London.

Visa Requirements

Simply traveling to London does not require a visa but if you are moving to London, you will need to get one.  There are a variety of skills-related visa options available as well as different types of work permits.  It is also possible to obtain family-related and academic visas.  You can check out the British Embassy for different options available to you.

Selecting a Neighborhood

The neighborhood that you choose will depend primarily on your lifestyle.  Hammersmith and Clapham are ideal for people who want a busy nightlife within walking distance.  Families typically prefer quieter areas like Highgate and Wimbledon.  If you are moving to London for your job, you may consider an area near the office.

Public Transportation

Getting around London is quite easy on foot, bus, subway, and train.  Many taxis are available as well, but can cost quite a bit.  Many people moving to London find that they won’t actually need a car and end up relying on public transportation.

Be Ready for the Weather

London is a city that enjoys a seasonal climate but there is also plenty of rain.  Be sure to pack your parka and umbrellas.  During the winter months it is important to dress in layers as the temperatures drop.

Katie Steil