Tips for Moving Your Utilities

Tips for Moving Your Utilities

Are you getting ready to move? Don’t forget to switch over your utilities and to turn them off in your old home. This is something quite a few people tend to forget until the very last moment!

Here are some tips for when you are ready to move your utilities over from your old house to your new home. Keep this list handy for future reference or when you want to make your moving checklist:

  • Final Meter Reading – Before you move, have your utility companies come out and do a final meter reading for gas, water, and electric. Keep a copy of this report (or final bill.)
  • Forward Your New Address – Make sure you give your current utility providers your new address. This is where they will send your final bill or any refunds you might be due.
  • Pay Up and Get What’s Due You – If you have any overdue bills, pay them! However, now is a good time to collect any utility deposits or refunds that you are owed – often people forget about this if they’ve lived at the same house for a while.
  • Keep Important Info With You – Even though you’re moving to a new place, take your local phone directories with you. This will help you keep in touch with your old neighborhood and businesses if you need to.

It is a good idea to make sure you keep the utilities on at your old house for a day or two after you move (in case your movers are delayed) and start them a day or two before you arrive in the new house. Start the process about two or three weeks in advance and you should be good to go!

Jon Huser