Tips for Storing Breakables

Tips for Storing Breakables

Putting your household items into a storage facility can be nerve-wracking. Whether you have kitchen china, crystal, glassware, plates, or some other fragile object, you’re going to need to know how to store them safely.   Otherwise, when you retrieve your belongings you’re bound to open up box after box of broken ware.  We’ve put together some suggestions for storing breakable objects.

When it comes to glassware that belongs in the kitchen or china cabinet, you’ll want plenty of packing material like Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing tissue paper.  Always start with a sturdy box and place a layer of packing materials at the bottom of the box.  Then, wrap each breakable object in tissue paper.  When packing the box for storage, place everything in the box so that items won’t bang against each other.  Fill the voids with more bubble wrap or peanuts.  Professional moving companies also offer this service.

As you pack your boxes, you’ll want to place heavier breakables on the bottom of the box with the lighter, more fragile items toward the top.  This will make storage a little safer in the long run.  Oh, and don’t ever place heavy boxes or objects on top of your packed breakables!  You wouldn’t want to risk your stuff getting crushed while in the storage facility.  If you chose to have a professional pack your items, they can also properly pack and label each of the boxes before they go into a full-service storage facility.

While it may be no fun preparing your breakables for storage during relocation, it is absolutely necessary to do it right.  Otherwise, you will be spending more time and money buying items that got broken because of poor packing and storage.

Katie Steil