Tips on Moving to Ireland

Tips on Moving to Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so what better time than now to consider moving to Ireland?  To know the country is to love it with its spectacular ocean views, a million different shades of green, and abundance of friendly people?  You may be considering relocating to Ireland simply for a change of pace or for a job.  Either way, moving to Ireland does require a certain amount of preparation.

Legal Stuff

Moving to Ireland does require some legal stuff.  Irish law requires any American hoping to stay on in the country beyond three months to have a visa as well as a valid passport.  If you wish to work in Ireland, you will be required to get a green card if your occupation will pay more than €60,000.  If your job will pay above €30,000 you will just need a work permit.  For jobs paying less than €30,000 obtaining a work permit is quite hard.


When you relocate to Ireland, you should definitely have a place to live!  According to recent trends, rental costs in the country are decreasing, which is good news if you don’t plan on buying your home.  Most rentals do come furnished, which will make your move even easier – especially if your relocation is temporary.

Other Stuff

Instead of packing all of your belongings, why not donate or sell them?  That way, when you move you will have less to worry about.  International moves can be expensive, so the less you have to ship, the better.

Jon Huser