Tips on office moves

Tips on office moves

Moving items from your office can be made easier if you are aware of some of the following tips.

It can be easier to conduct an office move if you hire an experienced moving company.  A moving company will know exactly how to pack, lift and haul your items so that you do not have to be concerned over damage.  If your office is small as well as your budget, then you can consider some of these tips to make it easier on you.

Small items need to be removed from any larger item, such as a bookcase, filing cabinet or desk.  All personal possessions should be packed by the person they belong to.  Any security files you have need to be locked up tight, but you should not leave them in the filing cabinet unless you have elevator access or easy access to the new office location.  During an office move it may seem silly to have more boxes to carry, but actually the lighter you make these boxes the easier it will be for you to move quickly and get things started again to create less loss during the downtime the move will cause.

When you need to move things like computers, it is important that you disconnect all of the wires correctly.  Also take note of how to reassemble everything so that there is no confusion later. For photocopiers and the like, make certain that any liquid has been removed as well as the paper.

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